Today's black-box predictive tools produce little to no clinical alignment.


Dozens of high quality models built over 175 million patient record years. Our models are continuously refined and applied to each individual's health context.

A next-generation predictive tool for risk-bearers

The Lumiata Risk Matrix is an advanced predictive tool that helps you drive cost-effective and personalized risk management. It surfaces the most important clinical signals from noisy data in medical records, and delivers precise, clinically-relevant predictions per individual. Models are available for over 20 major conditions, over specific timeframes, with accompanying medical evidence. 


Each prediction is paired with relevant clinical evidence in the form of the Clinical Rationale, enabling better review and agreement amongst all stakeholders.

Precise, individual risk predictions delivered across multiple timeframes to enable the risk stratification needed for population health management.



Pinpoint your opportunities

Identify clinically-relevant coding opportunities that generate meaningful chase lists, utilization trends, and accelerated capture of diagnoses for risk adjustment and care management activities.

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Risk Matrix

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The Risk Matrix can be generated for over a million records in less than three hours and applied toward multiple use cases with frictionless, seamless access.

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Lumiata's Risk Matrix develops complete, stratified profiles of at-risk members. The Matrix's Clinical Rationale aligns all predictions with clinical stakeholders, enabling better review and agreement between providers, caregivers and members, and drives more efficient case management collaboration.

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